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How to add and monitor other family member?

posted this on November 28, 2010 17:11

Add a new family member to be monitored by your ZoeMob account is simple and fast. Of course, you need the latest ZoeMob version installed on your device. Remember that Free and Trial accounts can monitor 1 device (included your own device). If you need more than 1 device in your account consider sign up for ZoeMob Premium version that includes until 5 devices per account.

Note: You cannot follow the installation process remotely. So you must have the new device in your hands.

How add a new family member

Note: the  instructions below are the same to re-installation process

1) Download and install the app on the new mobile phone. As you did on the first installation from Google Play.

2) Open the app and on the first screen select the option "I already have an account".


3) Type the email and password used to login in your ZoemMob account. Click at "Sign in" button to complete.  This device will appear in your account after connecting to Internet. It may take a few minutes to be completed.


4) Close ZoeMob app from your family member and go to your own device.


5) On the ZoeMob main page, click at your family member photo/icon to see all monitoring options for this device.


6) Select one monitoring option to access Alerts, SMS History, Call History, Wipe and Callback funcion. Or back to the Localizaion page.

Web control panel

You can monitor your family anytime, anywhere using your pc or notebook too. Go to web control panel and try it now:
Note: ZoeMob web control panel is exclusive to access from tablet, pc or notebook.  This way you will experience the best results possible.

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